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The token over Bitcoin blockchain,
usable in 2 different worlds.


The. Bitcoin-Blockchain. Security.

A payment utility token.
Programmed as a “token over Bitcoin blockchain”.

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The new payment method for all industries and types of shops.
For everybody.

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Hello MAP Partner!
Sonja has just shopped with you.

Hello Sonja!
We reward your purchase with cashback.


Shop to collect.
Exchange to purchase again.

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Do good for our planet with every payment.


Every payment for humans. For animals. For the planet.

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Lucky You! You just received a commission because someone in your network paid with SANUSCOIN!

Profit Sharing

Take part. Share. Transfer. Every payment rewards the network!

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The bridge

from crypto to economy

A new digital token is revolutionizing the business world.

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A digital coin Becomes a global payment trend.

The SANUSCOIN is a digital voucher. Technically, it is called a utility payment token. In practical terms, it is a medium of exchange that can be used to pay sustainably anywhere in the world. Or just green. SANUSCOIN is... the green voucher!

For our User this means: play, fun and excitement in an unprecedented form.

And for Companies: Worldwide cashing and marketing in an unprecedented form.

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The within seconds
payment method for tomorrow.

Everyone benefits. Of course. In seconds.

Pay - and it “clicks”!

The user pays via SANUSPAY for their goods or services (1). The MAP Partner IMMEDIATELY collects the purchase amount (2), minus the IMMEDIATE donation to the SANUSPLANET Foundation Pool (3), minus the investment in the Members of the network (4) and minus the IMMEDIATE small fee for carrying out the payment on the part of SANUSLIFE Administration AG (5).

A must see!

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Emergence of a community

The SANUSPAY payment method and the associated SANUSAPP are products. They are developed from SANUSLIFE's many years of e-commerce and network marketing expertise. And a network of partnerships from the fields of IT, AI, banking, blockchain, cloud and cybersecurity.

Our network
of strong

Since 1987, at home exactly where technology and the financial services industry meet. GFT has a strong partner network with market leaders such as AWS, Google and Microsoft and is a leading provider of “Made in Germany” solutions in the areas of banking software, data analytics, AI, blockchain and cloud.

With headquarters in Singapore, Onchain Custodian® (ONC) provides a global, standardized, resilient, insured and compliant custody service for institutional digital assets with unparalleled user experience. The company provides an integral custody and open finance service for institutional clients and accredited investors to manage digital assets in a secure, insured and compliant manner.

Bcademy is a specialized software company in the field of crypto-assets and the Academy of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain-based Technologies, an international network dedicated to teaching and consulting on all competences related to the unprecedented economic and technological universe resulting from the decentralization revolution.

The company supports compliance and anti-fraud teams in the fight against money laundering, terrorist financing and online fraud. Rapid identity verification for global businesses such as all-in-one identity verification services that streamlines the customer onboarding process, ensures regulatory compliance and reduces fraud.


The payment and entertainment app of the future.

SANUSAPP is the app that contains a brand new wallet that allows you to pay worldwide in seconds. The integrated map service SANUSMAP shows you where you are, where shopping is really worthwhile and how to get directly to the Best Deals.

The SANUSMAP is the map to have, in order to always be on the right track.

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Be Smart. Install the App.
Use the Map!

eVoucher WALLET

The SANUSPAY wallet.

The eVOUCHER WALLET is the digital wallet or purse within the app. SANUSCOINS can be centrally stored in it, spent to quickly pay for goods or services and exchanged for USD coins at any time on demand. This is possible through bank-like software and cooperation with a crypto-custodian bank.

More than a
digital bank account!

Full security.
In the wallet.

  • 2 compartments
    SAC and USDC can be held here. Swap SAC for USDC? Or USDC to SAC? It doesn't matter - it's all very quick. With a click.
  • Security through transaction levels
    Depending on the amount, the following 4 protection mechanisms are used: Finger & Face Security, Transaction PIN, Google Authentication, Know Your Customer (KYC) and Know Your Business (KYB).
  • Full documentation
    A platform integrated for trading with 24h movement documentation, download functions and many filter functions for the optimal overview. Around the clock. Around the globe. For 145 currencies.

Inviting friends rewards itself.

Talking is silver. Registering is gold.
Paying is

Whenever we talk to our friends, we make recommendations. Consciously or unconsciously: Giving a good tip always works!

If you become a Member and successfully recommend SANUSCOIN to your friends, you will be rewarded for every single payment. And the friends are rewarded too!

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This is


over Bitcoin-Blockchain

At a glance:

Scarce commodity

As with Bitcoin, SANUSCOIN only has a limited number of units. A maximum of 777,777,777 pieces in total.

This limitation protects the coin from inflation. Makes it a scarce commodity. Valuable by nature. Like gold.

100% Safety

The SANUSCOIN was stored as a Colored Coin on the secure Bitcoin blockchain. The decentralized SANUSCOINS can be managed and transferred via the SANUSWALLET. In technical jargon, this is called a peer-to-peer transaction. Or simply a transaction on the Bitcoin blockchain.

High demand

SANUSCOIN is the central means of payment in the SANUSLIFE ecosystem. More and more users are opting for payments with benefits. More and more users want SANUSCOINS. Limited supply faces high demand. This should massively boost the value of SANUSCOINS.


The 2-split blockchain wallet.

On the Bitcoin blockchain, the SANUSCOINS are stored decentrally together with the Bitcoins. The coins can be managed and transferred via the SANUSWALLET.

It is 100% free of charge. 100% functional. Provides space for Bitcoin. Provides space for SANUSCOIN.



The differences


On a bank software basis

Payment function

Compatible with SANUSCOIN and USD coin

Peer-to-Business transactions (SANUSPAY)

Lightning fast transaction-speed (1 second)


Easy traceability via the SANUSAPP

Security through Crypto-Custodian - central


On a Bitcoin blockchain basis

Value storage function

Compatible with SANUSCOIN and Bitcoin

Peer-to-peer transactions (BTC blockchain)

Relatively slow transaction-speed


Complex traceability via the SANUSCOIN-EXPLORER

Security through Bitcoin blockchain - decentral


User and Member


in Euros


in Euros